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Crowd of Memories…

Some of the memories often calls me To look back across the thorney path Eyes get stressed to visualize the shadaw Moving away from me so fast. I think of running back to follow But the time legs me and I fall Still, I wait for the crowd Which was with me at the start.Continue reading “Crowd of Memories…”

Romantic Poem- Your Smile….

Your smile gives me that happiness, Which a morning gives to the birds. Your eyes make me so deviated, As a pond is seen in the desert. I wish to pour my undisclosed love Like the drops of dews fall on the buds. – D.K Chauhan ‘Baaghi’

‘Where there is a will, there is a way’ – A Motivational Article

If someone really wants to do something, he/she will find a way to do it even if, the task is too difficult. The persons who have a strong will power and determination can achieve whatever they wish. History is full of such great persons. Some of them are – 1. Dashrath Majhi (1929 -2007), knownContinue reading “‘Where there is a will, there is a way’ – A Motivational Article”