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The Journey….

The crowd which cheers today Till yesterday, used to laugh at me. The wind which carries fragrances Used to throw dust in my eyes. The stones which are floored Used to hit me so badly on the way. The clouds covering the sun’s heat Rained when I stood under a dried tree. The mile –Continue reading “The Journey….”

‘Where there is a will, there is a way’ – A Motivational Article

If someone really wants to do something, he/she will find a way to do it even if, the task is too difficult. The persons who have a strong will power and determination can achieve whatever they wish. History is full of such great persons. Some of them are – 1. Dashrath Majhi (1929 -2007), knownContinue reading “‘Where there is a will, there is a way’ – A Motivational Article”

‘School is a garden and a teacher is a gardener’

School is a garden where different kinds of saplings in the forms of children are planted and grown. If you will go a long way to compare a school with a garden, you will find that- School is a garden. A child is a sapling. Teacher is a gardener. Teaching is providing manure. Examination isContinue reading “‘School is a garden and a teacher is a gardener’”


Are all literate persons are said to be educated and all illiterate persons are confined to be called uneducated? Certainly no, those people are educated who apply their knowledge positively. They may be illiterate also. Being an literate, if someone acts negatively, he or she is not in position to apply the good things learnedContinue reading “WHO ARE EDUCATED?”

‘Braves never die but cowards die twice’

Brave and great people never die. They remain alive even after their death. The world remembers them for their courage and sacrifices. On the other hand, cowards die twice. Once their actual death and secondly their death from this world. Nobody remembers them after their death. Let’s come out of our best to contribute somethingContinue reading “‘Braves never die but cowards die twice’”