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Love is life and Hate is death…

‘Love’ is life and ‘Hate’ is death,

‘Kindness is ornaments and Humanity is dress.

We are performers, everyone has to act,

On this world’s crowded stage.

-D.K Chauhan ‘Baaghi’

Published by Dilip Kumar Chauhan 'Baaghi'

A teacher, writer, poet, reporter and social worker from Ballia district , Uttarpradesh (India)

4 thoughts on “Love is life and Hate is death…

  1. Ok, but if hate is death… aren’t you being hard on death? Isn’t death part of life? Shouldn’t we come to peace with death? Is not hate actually a distortion? Like envy is distorted love? Explore what hate is and find that hate is often simply fear. So perhaps hate isn’t death. It just feels like something dying and you fear death. No one knows what death is. If you say hatred is unkind I agree. But then what is kindness? All sorts of people go around acting or thinking they are kind when truly they are pushing an agenda. Anyhow… Thanks for coming by my blog! And I hope my comments are ok with you. Peace to you.

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