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I too want to love…

I want to love but my heart is weak

Beating for the others, it seems risk.

Eyes often peep when I go to sleep

But Just for a smile, I can not weep.

I want to hold but my hands shake

World may laugh if it gets cracked.

Love is a posion which tastes like cake

Should I throw it just like the wastes.

Don’t Know Why I Chase…

Don’t know, why I chase the memories?

On the thorney path of your selfish love.

The tears which overflow from the eyes

Often asks me is it just ?

The rays of hope are becoming longer

Shadow of emotions seems so blurred.

The flame of love which is going to die

Often asks can I survive?

-D.K Chauhan ‘Baaghi’

For the eyes Heart gets blamed….

A garden waits for the months

Thereafter only spring comes.

But so cruelty autumn takes away

The Leaves from the branches.

The flowers with the fragrances

Which smile throughout the night.

Get withered so ruthlessly

When the sun rays fall on them.

So secretly love developes in the heart

Eyes so simply disclose it to the world.

– D.K Chauhan ‘Baaghi’

How to Love… (Romantic Poem)

How to struggle, if love could learn

From the drops of falling rain

Which travel from the sky to land

To get merged within on the earth

It would not be ever blamed.

How to wait, if love could learn

From those no moon stars

Throughout the night just for a sight

So patiently, they keep eying

It would not be ever cried.

How to sacrifice, if love could learn

From the tiny insects which often fly

Around the lamp for its light

Finally get burned just in the love

Oh! It would surely be survived.


Go back and reset…

Love came like the rains

Went out like an open night.

Stayed like the dew drops

Disappeared like a butterfly.

I followed through the bushes,

Roses and the thornes.

Also in the dense lonely forest

Just like the drones.

Till the sun set behind the hills

Birds flew into their nests.

Moon laughed at me and said

Go back and reset………..

-D.K Chauhan ‘Baaghi’