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Poem – The Love

Love is temple, love is God

Holly prayer of the world.

Love is trust, love is kind,

Often, people say it blind.

Love is life, love is breathe

Without it nothing exists.

Love is pain, love is pleasure

It’s limitless non can measure.

Love can win entire the world

Without gun, bomb and sword.

The wind that kisses your lips…

I feel jealous to the wind which kisses your lips,

Unsettles your hairs and touches your chick

Flags your scarf when you walk in the street

Always I hate yet I have to breathe it to live.

– D.K Chauhan ‘Baaghi’

Don’t Unsettle Me…

Don’t play with me just like a doll,

Dolls often break on mishandling.

Don’t cick me like a piece of stone,

Many wish to have it in their rings.

Don’t unsettle me just like the dust,

Dust may make your eyes to weep.

-D.K Chauhan Baaghi